Meet Jim Comer

Keynote Speaker, Author, Speech Coach, Workshop Leader

“I’m a communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, national associations and professionals from every walk of life. My goal is always to help you get – or give – the presentation that fits your individual needs. Whether I’m speaking in Nova Scotia on  communication skills or in Phoenix on caregiving, I customize my talk to fit your organization.

As a coach and workshop leader, what sets me apart is an ability to edit and sharpen your content while creating a supportive space to help bring out your individuality, develop confidence and hone your delivery. The combination of focusing on both content and delivery helps to create a seamless presentation.”

— Jim Comer

How content and delivery work together to create a great presentation.

  • Jim convinces audiences that their own experiences are powerful communication tools. He helped me believe in the power of my own story.

    Jane Lipscomb Stone Partner, Stone, Loughlin & Swanson, LLP

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In working with clients, my philosophy is based on a few practical principles:

  • Find your strengths and build on them
  • Get agreement on areas where you want to improve and focus on them
  • Emphasize the power of your individuality and authenticity
  • Focus your talk on two or three key points and bring them alive
  • Use your real stories to create a connection with the audience and drive home your message

Nothing beats the power of using real emotion to move audiences.

  • We went into Jim’s workshop full of fear and inhibitions, and came out with the confidence and skills to face our audience without falling apart. What a fun, high-energy and valuable experience! Would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Lesley Bradstreet Vice President of Marketing, Velocity Credit Union

Jim’s experience runs the gamut from corporate presentations to comedy and inspiration:

  • Speechwriting and coaching for CEO’s of 5 Fortune 500 companies
  • Author, When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents, published by Hampton Roads and nominated for Best Non-Fiction Book by the Writers’ League of Texas
  • Opinion articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News
  • Editor, Combat Crew, his father’s best-selling World War II memoir
  • Wrote jokes for Joan Rivers and a monologue for the legendary Bob Hope
  • The response to your coaching was overwhelmingly complimentary. You received some of the highest ratings of our entire meeting.

    Danny Ingram Vice President, American Cancer Society

Jim appears on Fox News Austin to analyze second presidential debate in October, 2016.

  • Simply put, Jim is the best speaker I have ever seen live. He brings tremendous energy, authenticity, wit and insight into any topic. Luckily his other gift is turning executives and managers into skilled, confident public speakers. I've benefited tremendously over the years from his feedback, suggestions and endless patience.

    Ryan P. Soisson Founder & Principal, Soisson & Associates; Organization Development Director, American Cancer Society
  • Authors often ask me to recommend their books, but I asked Jim Comer if I could recommend When Roles Reverse. It was an invaluable resource as I cared for my mother during the last years of her life. Jim’s book not only provided excellent practical advice, it is filled with humor and real-life stories that made me laugh and cry. When Roles Reverse is a must-read for anyone who is – or soon may be – a caregiver.

    Jill Lublin Author of three New York Times bestsellers including Guerilla Marketing
  • Jim Comer keeps his commitments no matter what. When the last flight out of Dallas was canceled at 11 PM due to severe weather – and he was doing a three hour presentation for our conference the next morning at nine – Jim drove 360 miles to Amarillo. He got no sleep, but his presentation was so full of energy, humor and practical takeaways that our conference attendees loved it. We don’t know how he did it, but we’re so glad he did!

    Jaime Morales BSW Caregiver Specialist, Area on Agency on Aging of the Panhandle