Empower your team to speak with confidence and authority

Presentation Skills Workshop: Master the 5 Presentation Skills of Confident Speakers to deliver presentations that command attention & influence minds — by Jim Comer, Speaker, Speechwriter, & Coach

“I have seen Jim Comer transform the driest individuals into powerful speakers.”
—Caroline Bliss-Isberg, Former Executive Director, Cabrillo College Stroke Center

See measurable results in mere hours… Really!

This is not a boring lecture about presentation theory — it is an “oh wow… we’re actually doing this,” immersive experience for each participant.

Workshop attendees learn these 5 essential skills:

  • #1 — Use their vocal variety, eye contact, body language, and the power of pauses
  • #2 — Make a few points effectively, no more than can be absorbed by the audience
  • #3 — Easily handle when things go wrong or when the unexpected happens
  • #4 — Share personal stories that drive home business points
  • #5 — Speak with authority and individuality

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Presentation Skills Workshop – Highlights

The improvement was remarkable.

  • “Last week I was reviewing some old tapes and came across the videos from your presentation class ten years ago! The improvement from the first recording to the last exercise was remarkable! Thank you for the boost in my confidence, style, and impact.”

    Connie Brubaker Entrepreneur

I survived. Jim’s advice was excellent.

  • “My heart was pounding. My palms were sweating. My throat was going dry and yet that was okay. I survived. Jim’s advice was excellent.”

    Andrew Elster Software Developer, Astonish Design

Presentation Skills Training

Really does work.

  • “I watch as folks nervously wait to take their turn to make a presentation and as they return to their seats energized by the guided experience and positive critique Jim provides them. I marvel at the ‘ah-ha’ feeling so evident in their eyes and body language as they realize that Jim’s message of being yourself really does work.”

    Barry Silverberg Director, Texas Association of Non-Profit Organizations

Helped tremendously.

  • I just finished my presentation and your tips regarding pace and delivery, your insight and suggestions on how to thread my theme throughout the speech, helped tremendously.

    Jeff Moore Moore Leadership, Former two-time national champion, Head Coach, Women’s Tennis, University of Texas

A powerful team-building experience.

As participants work together, struggle at times, have breakthroughs, and share personal experiences, they develop real camaraderie. Attendees get to know their peers better and support each other as they learn. Jim carefully guides and manages the workshop to ensure a safe and encouraging environment for all attendees.

  • The workshop is hands-on, interactive, and tailored to meet individual needs. Each participant will build on their own strengths and work on their own specific challenges.
  • Each member of the class will learn how to develop content and deliver powerful presentations.
  • Exercises will be captured on video so participants can see their progress in class and have a record of Jim’s feedback long after the workshop is over.
  • Participants get helpful feedback from Jim and their fellow classmates that is candid, yet supportive and actionable.

Wondering if the workshop is right for your group?

Here’s what others have to say about having Jim host a presentation skills workshop for their organization:

The perfect instructor.

  • “Jim’s experience and background have uniquely prepared him to be the perfect instructor for this type of training. His class was entertaining and fun for all those that participated. He was a joy to work with and I will gladly refer others to his presentation skills training.”

    Ron Modesty Sr. Employer Coordinator, Capital IDEA

Highest ratings of our entire meeting.

  • “The response to your coaching was overwhelmingly complimentary.
    You received some of the highest ratings of our entire meeting.”

    Danny Ingram Vice President, American Cancer Society

A great opportunity for our employees.

  • “I heard Jim speak at a training seminar for one hour, but I could have stayed all day listening to him. He’s so humorous that he kept us entertained and engaged without using slides or props. Having him speak at our company is a great opportunity for our employees.”

    Eileen Rosado Manager, EDS

Highlight of the day.

  • “Jim’s presentation to the Trainer’s Expo was cited by many as the highlight of the day.”

    Barry Boles Assistant Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

“I learned how to be myself and connect with the audience.”
—Sandy Morris

“Jim helped me learn how to command a room.”
—Rob Lee

Book a Presentation Skills Workshop for your team:

(512) 949-9281