The Message
is YOU!

Harnessing the Power of Authenticity

In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn to share your individuality to connect with audiences, employees and customers. You’ll learn practical techniques to gain confidence, build rapport and make your message unforgettable. At the end of the talk, you’ll have a chance to share a story with a partner and feel power of being your authentic self!

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Make a few points well, not many points badly.

“I want audiences to get more than a good speech; I want them to have a transformative experience.”

In this fun-filled – but practical – keynote, you will learn to:

  • Make key points that are remembered and acted on – not forgotten within days.
  • Use your natural resources: eye contact, vocal variety, body language, pauses, and smile
  • Connect with the audience by telling personal stories and real life experiences
  • Paint powerful word pictures
  • Expect the unexpected and turn potential “disasters” into moments of spontaneity and laughter

Learning to speak well in public is not really that scary. Scary is Jim’s bungee jump in New Zealand!

Ideal Audience:
Anyone who wants to be more successful in business, sales, education, the military or non-profits.

EVERYONE can benefit from being a better communicator.

All great speakers have one thing in common: individuality

Audience member responds to Jim’s speech

The question everyone asks about speaking.

  • Jim Comer is so full of life that he would shine through a solar eclipse.

    Joel Jacobson The Mail-Star, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • I was delighted by your presentation. I’ve never seen such a superb marriage of subject and style.

    Dr. Hillary Hart Education Director, Society for Technical Communications
  • Our young professionals loved you and learned so much. They were disappointed when your time ended as they wanted to hear MORE!

    Beth Brooks, CAE President and CEO, Texas Society of Association Executives
  • With remarkable energy, exuberance and passion, Jim Comer demonstrates the power that authenticity can bring to any kind of presentation.

    Elizabeth Leyva Program Manager, The Volunteer Center
  • Jim gave us the by far the single most effective hour of our year, inspiring us to make our message and approach more powerful.

    Tim Mossman Director, More Effective You
  • Jim Comer spoke for more than an hour to our high school faculty and the audience was completely engaged by his presentation. He has the rare ability to reach people by sharing himself and making them feel comfortable enough to share their stories as well.

    James Covey Director of Technology, Anthony Independent School District
  • Thank you for providing us with a wonderful example of what professional speaking is all about.

    Jim Bearden President, Heart of Texas Chapter, National Speakers Association
  • You made us laugh and learn simultaneously. What a concept!

    Patti DeNucci Speaker and Author, The Intentional Networker
  • Jim Comer is truly gifted. His talk was not only empowering, but we had a great time. He brings a new slant to public speaking and made me feel like I could do it!

    Debra Seaman Audit Trainer, Comptroller of Public Accounts, State of Texas
  • Authors often ask me to recommend their books, but I asked Jim Comer if I could recommend When Roles Reverse. It was an invaluable resource as I cared for my mother during the last years of her life. Jim’s book not only provided excellent practical advice, it is filled with humor and real-life stories that made me laugh and cry. When Roles Reverse is a must-read for anyone who is – or soon may be – a caregiver.

    Jill Lublin Author of three New York Times bestsellers including Guerilla Marketing
  • I heard Jim speak at a training seminar for one hour, but I could have stayed all day listening to him. He’s so humorous that he kept us entertained and engaged without using slides or props. Having him speak at our company is a great opportunity for our employees.

    Eileen Rosado Manager, EDS
  • Jim Comer is so full of life that he would shine through a solar eclipse.

    Joel Jacobson The Mail-Star, Halifax, Nova Scotia