How can I be better prepared to speak off-the-cuff?

Most people are terrified…

… at the idea of having to speak off-the-cuff – extemporaneously – to answer a question from the boss, maybe.

And yet, the truth is, if you’re being asked to speak off-the-cuff, it’s because you know something about the subject. You’re almost never going to be asked to talk about something you don’t know anything about.

So, I’m saying that you just need to concentrate on one thing. If you’re asked to speak, think of the most important thing you know about what they’re asking you. Focus on that. Give it to your full effort and then stop. You probably covered it, if you’ve done one thing well.

If they want more, they’re going to ask you for more and then you’ll hit the next point that you know. Almost always we have the answer in us. We just get terrified by, “oh my gosh, how am I going to be perfect?”

Listen, it’s in you. You know the subject. You’re not going to be talking about something you don’t know. Just trust yourself. Be real, and answer the question with the knowledge you already have.