How do I get over stage fright? (part 1)

The biggest question I hear is: how do I get over stage fright?

Well, I’ve got two parts to that answer. Let me give you the first one: the most important part is being prepared. If you have really got your content of what you want to say in good shape – you’ve written it, you’ve outlined it (however you do it). You’ve practiced it, you’ve practiced it out loud like Winston Churchill did – he would do 12 hours of out loud preparation for those famous speeches. If you’ve done your homework – you know the subject, it’s well written, you practice it out loud, you know the audience and what they want – then you should have no trouble giving them that.

You’re the expert. You’ve done the work. They’re there to learn from you, to be inspired by you or motivated by you, so if you focus on giving to them and not worrying about being judged by them, just focus on what you can bring to the audience and that will do half the job of getting over stage fright.