How do I overcome my anxiety before a speech?

One of the biggest things that most people fear is that that horrible nervous stomach-turning anxiety that comes up before they speak.

And, it doesn’t even matter whether they have prepared, memorized — even got it word for word. Many people still feel that stomach-turning anxiety.

Here’s the secret. I believe if you’re speaking to a group, you’re there because you have something important that you want to teach, motivate, inspire… you want to give the audience something.

If you focus on giving to them something that you know about — or else, you wouldn’t be speaking — if you focus on that: what you can give, as opposed to how you look, or what they’re gonna think about you. If you focus on giving as opposed to being received, then it’s gonna make all the difference in the world.

Just how can I get this important idea, concept, or inspirational thought — how can I get it across? Focus on that.

Focus on giving and you won’t be worried so much about what they think.