How do I overcome my fear of speaking to small audiences?

Some people are more frightened of speaking to five or 10 people in a small conference room, than they would be the speaking to 200 to 500 people in a giant auditorium.

Well, I happened to be one who loves speaking to small groups because I love the feedback I get by seeing their faces, by connecting with them, looking in and seeing their body language, seeing the smile I always look for the faces were feeding me. Here’s what they look like. They’re going

nodding, smiling, eyes twinkling, connecting. If you see the faces connecting with you, that means you’re doing something right and it really feeds you, so actually a small group can give you so much wonderful feedback. Now, if you see some negative feedback in the small group, it’s going to be right in front of you. Then you can make the same kind of adjustments that you would any other place. If you need to speak louder or you need some interaction, whatever you need to do to change, you’ll be able to tell right away in front of you, but for the most part they’re going to be with you. And I love the fact that in a small group you had that chance to do the magic of speaking, which is to connect and respond and have some fun with the audience. That’s really what it’s all about.