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Is Your Jargon Alienating Your Audience?

No matter how technical your subject, you can give powerful, accessible talks to non-technical audiences. And that will make you stand out from your peers.

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Is Your Jargon Alienating Your Audience?

Engineers, high tech leaders, and military professionals can learn to make complex subjects connect to general audiences – and become more interesting to any group.

In this talk, audiences will quickly see the power in using clear, concise, jargon-free language. The secret is remembering how we talk when we’re NOT presenting. Using regular, understandable language instead of corporate-speak, tech talk or military lingo.

Great speakers use clear language. Read Einstein’s quotes to non-scientific audiences. Steve Jobs made Apple innovations simple to grasp. In this talk attendees will learn the power of clear, concise, colorful language that audiences will understand and that leads them to take action.

These techniques are ideal for pitching complex ideas to potential investors. Just because they have money to invest does not mean they are up-to-speed on complicated terminology. Powerful speakers make it easy for them to grasp the idea being presented and get excited by it.

Key Takeaways

In this powerfully effective presentation, audiences learn to:

  • Eliminate jargon and needless acronyms
  • Make key points with compelling examples and personal experiences
  • Use slides that are easy to read (and, know when not to use slides at all)
  • Rehearse with non-technical friends to get feedback on clarity
  • Know their message so well that if slides malfunction, they can carry-on without them

Ideal Audience

This hour long presentation is ideal for engineers, IT professionals, scientists, military personnel, academics, and government agencies seeking to speak more powerfully and effectively to general audiences.

An Important Breakthrough For Me
“Your presentation was so educational that I found myself identifying with many of your examples – both good and bad. It was an important breakthrough for me. My plan is to focus on letting my true identity come through in all my communication, not only in my presentations.”

Jerel Walters

Director of Quality Engineering & Product Development,
Texas State University

High Energy & Interactive

“This is the second time that Jim Comer has spoken to our group. And we just love him. the ratings are always so high. He's such a high energy and interactive speaker that engages our audience – I would recommend him to you, highly!”

An Excellent Program
“Jim Comer delivered an excellent program on the impact of powerful presentation skills and the response was overwhelmingly positive.”

Vera Cruz

IBM, Austin

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