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Is it okay if I step away from the podium when I speak?

It is not only a good thing to step away from the podium, but it is a great thing!

Because when you have a podium in between you and your audience, there’s a block – they’re not seeing the full you, they’re just seeing a part of you. But if you step away, and you know the subject and you don’t need notes, well that’s a great thing.

Because the audience realizes you’re just talking to them on-on-one and they connect to you better without the podium.

Now, you can still use a podium on certain occasions, but if you can do without one, it’s a terrific way of connecting with that audience and letting them know it’s the real you.

I talk with my hands… & sometimes I distract myself (… what should I do?)

Talking with your hands.

Well, this is perfect for me because I talk with my hands a lot. It’s never planned. It’s just the way I am. Now, doing what I do right now is normal for me, so it’s OK. I know I’m doing it.

Now, if all of a sudden I was doing these kinds of things (random arm movements) or these things (scratching ear or fiddling with clothing), or doing, you know, all sorts of things that are nervous habits or not normal. That would not be good. That would be a distraction for the audience – whether on a camera or in a group.

But if it’s normal – using your hands the way you really do in life – it’s OK. So, only if you’re doing something unusual and you catch yourself… then, bring it down. And use your hands the way you normally would in life.

Only when you’re doing something you don’t know you’re doing, – whether it’s movement, hand gestures, whatever – only then is it a problem.