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How to Survive Caregiving with Sanity & a Sense of Humor - Keynote Presentation by Jim Comer, Caregiving Authority, Speaker & Author
How to Survive Caregiving with Sanity & a Sense of Humor - Keynote Presentation by Jim Comer, Caregiving Authority, Speaker & Author

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Jim Comer had 200 caregivers and healthcare professionals laughing, crying and learning. Our audience gave Jim a standing ovation and – more importantly – left feeling that they could meet whatever challenges came their way.”

Glenda Rogers, Former Executive Director, Capital Area Agency on Aging, Austin, TX

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Chock-full of Useful Insights & Overflowing with Laughter

For Family & Professional Caregivers

Real life stories, practical tips, and healing humor will help your audience communication with those in their care. 

Jim Comer's riveting presentation entertains while sharing powerful tools to prepare for and manage the stress of caregiving.

Dealing With Dad And His Scotch

Jim Comer’s presentation is absolutely TERRIFIC — informative, inspirational, and humorous. If you are a senior or a caregiver, you don’t want to miss it. Jim provides a road map that turns a life-changing event into a positive life experience.

Randy Medinger, Director of Provider Relations, Hospice of Arizona

Key Topics:

  • Why we must "Go into their world" when they can no longer come into ours
  • The power of role-playing and improvisation in dealing with aging
  • How collaborative teamwork makes caregiving easier and better
  • The crucial importance of being gracious to yourself as a provider of care

My Most Important Lesson In Caregiving

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As one of our caregivers said, ‘He’s been there and knows our journey and helped us see that others experience the pain of Alzheimer’s, but that joy can be found and that humor must play a part of each day.’ What a great testimony to his presentation.“

Lilly Adrian, Area Agency on Aging of the Permian Basin, Midland/Odessa, TX

Provide your audience with pearls of wisdom that can change their lives.

Jim's personal life experience as caregiver to both his parents informs this vital talk

Your audience will learn from Jim’s 14 years of hard-won wisdom and hear hilarious stories of his overnight transformation from self-absorbed writer to only-child caregiver. Attendees will be shocked by Jim’s lack of preparation and realize the power of compassionate, candid conversation to address and prepare for the health crises that come with aging.

Audiences experience Jim’s emotional roller coaster of coming to terms with his mother’s Alzheimer’s and his father’s stroke. They’ll laugh, cry and learn valuable strategies that can save time, money and tears for caregivers of all kinds.

For those already engaged in caregiving, Jim shares techniques to reduce stress, methods to request help when needed, and how to choose being kind over being “right.” They will discover how a good sense of humor is a caregiver’s best friend.

Based on Jim Comer's Book:

"When Roles Revers: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents"

Jim came through for us from beginning to end. He has a vital message for Boomers and their families. His keynote helped to create the most successful conference our Center has ever had.“

Elizabeth Banta, Executive Director, Developing Older Adult Resources, Church of the Beatitudes, Phoenix, AZ

About Jim Comer

After his father suffered a massive stroke and his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Jim Comer found himself an overnight "parent" at the age of 51. When he walked into his father's hospital room everyone looked to him as the "man who knew all the answers." He soon realized he didn't even know the questions.

In ten years of caregiving, Comer has not only learned the questions he has lived them, and with When Roles Reverse he shares his hard-won answers.

He learned to deal with hospitals, insurance companies, rehab centers, his father's deafness and his mother's dementia. Through it all Jim has kept his sanity and sense of humor, in the process forging a deeper, more intimate relationship with his parents.

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