What if I make a mistake on stage?

Most people fear making a mistake more than anything.

And what is a mistake? It’s just a human natural phenomenon. We all make mistakes. I have made every kind of mistake you can possibly imagine on stage. I’ve forgotten where I am and I’ve asked the audience to help me. I have had to pause to get the right word and sometimes I’ve never gotten it and I’ll just say, “I can’t remember the word!”

I haveā€¦ recently. I was introduced to a group and got a nosebleed during the introduction! But I had to go on and I just put some Kleenex out my nose, gave a wonderful presentation, and just let them know I was dealing with it and they were fine.

Audiences are there to support you. They’re not there to judge so much. They’re on your side. That’s what you’ve got to remember. And they’re human beings just like you are. They don’t hold it against you. If you make a normal mistake, just have fun with it and then move on and the audience will move on with you.