Keynotes by Jim Comer

that inspire, inform, & entertain.

The Message Is YOU!

Harness the power of authenticity to connect with audiences, employees and customers.

This keynote is for those who:
  • are terrified they’ll make a “mistake”
  • leave the best of themselves offstage
  • won’t share personal stories that let audiences know them
  • feel they must be “perfect” instead of authentic
It’s also for brave souls who:
  • want to get over self-limiting fears
  • are ready to be as real in front of groups as they are with their friends
  • want to gain confidence in making presentations and move ahead in their career
You’ll walk away from this presentation:
  • knowing that individuality leads to likability and is your greatest strength
  • ready to use your “natural resources” — eye contact, body language, pauses, and vocal variety
  • convinced that audiences want you to succeed and connect with them
  • realizing that your goal as a speaker is not to be “perfect” but to be real
  • determined to be yourself every time you speak in front of a group
  • having told a funny story from your own life to another person and had fun doing it

How to Survive Caregiving with Sanity & a Sense of Humor

Stories, practical tips, and lots of humor to help you plan ahead and embrace the journey of caregiving.

This keynote is for:
  • adult children and their parents who need to plan for the realities of aging
  • caregivers who are struggling with the physical and emotional demands of caregiving
  • parents who have been reluctant to get a will, powers of attorney, or make end-of-life decisions
  • caregivers who feel they are not appreciated
  • those with a parent suffering from dementia
  • sons and daughters who want to give back to their parents
You will leave this presentation:
  • knowing how to plan a candid conversation with your parents and siblings about everything you haven’t discussed
  • knowing the importance of getting legal documents in place and making end-of-life decisions
  • empowered to ask for the help you need to avoid caregiver burnout
  • feeling grateful for moments of kindness and intimacy
  • knowing that a good sense of humor will save your sanity
  • realizing the importance of going into your parents’ world, not demanding that they stay in yours
  • giving yourself credit for the sacrifices you have made
  • having laughed a lot, cried a little, and learned new coping strategies

Is Your Jargon Killing You?

Helping technical professionals give powerful, accessible talks to non-technical audiences.

This keynote is for:
  • those who need to pitch complex concepts to potential investors
  • scientific specialists and academics who must reach and engage a general audience
  • engineers, high tech gurus, military leaders, and professors who struggle to fit everything into the allotted time
  • those who want to realize the power of presenting a technical subject with strong visuals, personal anecdotes and clear language
  • anyone whose industry uses jargon and acronyms that are not familiar to the general public
You’ll emerge from this presentation:
  • realizing that you can reach a wider audience and make a greater impact
  • understanding how to use just a few powerful key points to make audiences want to know more
  • enjoying the looks of interest and understanding on your audience’s faces
  • knowing how to connect meaningfully with investors who might fund your next project
  • ready to follow up your presentation with handouts that have the in-depth technical details to support your few powerful key points
  • equipped with the tools to grow your reputation as a speaker who takes complex subjects and makes them accessible and engaging

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  • I watch as folks return to their seats energized by the positive critique Jim gives them. I marvel at the “Ah-ha” feeling so evident in their eyes and body language as they realize that the message of being yourself really does work.

    Barry Silverberg Director, Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations
  • We went into Jim’s workshop full of fear and inhibitions, and came out with the confidence and skills to face our audience without falling apart. What a fun, high-energy and valuable experience! Would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Lesley Bradstreet Vice President of Marketing, Velocity Credit Union
  • The response to your coaching was overwhelmingly complimentary. You received some of the highest ratings of our entire meeting.

    Danny Ingram Vice President, American Cancer Society
  • Jim’s experience and background have uniquely prepared him to be the perfect facilitator for this type of training. He was a joy to work with and I will gladly refer him to others.

    Ron Modesty Sr. Employee Coordinator, Capital IDEA
  • Jim's been a great mentor. He's unparalleled at working with executives to bring out their best presentation qualities, turning them from policy wonks into genuine, warm communicators. He's adept at training both groups and individuals in the art of communication.

    Russ Somers VP Marketing at TrendKite
  • Jim convinces audiences that their own experiences are powerful communication tools. He helped me believe in the power of my own story.

    Jane Lipscomb Stone Partner, Stone, Loughlin & Swanson, LLP
  • I have seen Jim Comer transform the driest individuals into powerful speakers.

    Caroline Bliss-Isberg Executive Director, Cabrillo College Stroke Center
  • Few trainers provoke as much self-discovery and learning as Jim Comer does in his workshops and individual coaching. His message of being yourself really does work.

    Barry Silverberg Director, Texas Association of Non-Profit Organizations