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Jim Comer

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What To Do When Your Mind Goes Blank On Stage

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Jim Comer is the On-Stage Strategist. Whether you are looking for one-on-one speech coaching, communication skills workshops or help in writing or polishing a presentation, Jim can help you or your team become confident, authentic communicators. He has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and coached hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and sales people in more than twenty states to give powerful presentations.

What does Jim bring to workshops and coaching?

  • Three decades as a speechwriter/speech coach for major organizations from banking and high
    tech to direct sales and non-profits
  • Laser focus on emphasizing individuality in both content and delivery so that clients sounds like
    the best of who they really are
  • Eliminating distracting mannerisms
  • Finding clients’ real stories/experiences to help make key points memorable
  • Keeping the focus on speaker not the slides

Jim's Offerings:

Get informed, inspired, & entertained.

Get on-the-spot feedback with a practice audience.

Command the stage with confidence.

Jim's Clients Include:

An Authority On Speaking & Presentation Skills

The Do's & Don'ts of Debate
Fox 7 News interviews Jim Comer about the 2016 Presidential Debates 

Presentation Skills Training
Austin's Capital Factory hosts Jim Comer's Presentation Skills Workshop

About Jim Comer

Jim Comer, the On-Stage Strategist, is a speaker, author, speech coach and communication consultant. He works with people who want to be more confident, persuasive speakers in their professional and personal lives. Jim has more than 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and has coached five CEOs, as well as candidates for Governor of Texas and Lt. Governor of California.

In both his individual coaching and presentation skills workshops, Jim specializes in helping speakers create content that reflects their own style and stories -- avoiding jargon and corporate-speak. Then he helps them bring out the best of their own unique personality – the one that their friends and colleagues know and enjoy.

As a speaker, Jim has informed, inspired and entertained audiences in from Cancun, Mexico to Halifax, Nova Scotia with keynotes including “YOU Are the Message” and “How to Survive Caregiving with Sanity and a Sense of Humor”. His speeches provide valuable content that audiences can use immediately, along with laugh-out-loud humor and lively interaction.

His work as a writer includes How to Survive a Roommate, a book about his early days as an actor in New York, that landed him on the “Today Show”. His book, When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents, was nominated by the Texas Writers’ League as Best Non-Fiction Book of 2007. Jim’s articles have appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post and Reader’s Digest. He has ghostwritten three biographies, is a veteran of six quiz shows, including Jeopardy, and appeared in a comedy act at the Improv in New York..

Jim is a graduate of Trinity University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Drama. He worked at the Dallas Theater Center, studied acting in New York with David LeGrant and has performed in theaters across America.

“Jim's been a great mentor. He's unparalleled at working with executives to bring out their best presentation qualities, turning them from policy wonks into genuine, warm communicators. He's adept at training both groups and individuals in the art of communication.”

Russ Somers

VP Marketing at TrendKite


What To Do When Your Mind Goes Blank On Stage

“Slick” vs. Real

The power of authenticity and vulnerability when speaking.

Coaching Philosophy

Jim's coaching philosophy is based on a few practical principles:

Leverage your uniqueness
He seeks to quickly uncover your strengths and help you build on them to emphasize the power of your individuality and authenticity.

Laser focus
He'll work with you to focus your talk around two or three key points and help you bring those points alive in your speech.

Memorable connections
Jim will help you draw from your own real stories to create a connection with the audience and drive home your message.

He knocked it out of the park

Crafted content and carefully honed delivery result in presentation success for this recent hall-of-fame inductee.

"Successful beyond my expectations."
“In December 2015 I was preparing to give the commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin - College of Natural Sciences. Jim helped me overcome my nervousness, be myself in front of 10,000 people, and deliver a very personal speech in my own style. Jim was easy to work with and even showed up at my house at 9:00 AM on the day of the ceremony for a final run-through. As a result of our work together, the speech was successful beyond my expectations.”

Stoney Barton

Founder & CEO, FSTI, Inc.


What To Do When Your Mind Goes Blank On Stage