How do I know when I’m being boring?

Most people are concerned about being boring on stage.

And the fact is, most of the time – if you’re talking about something that you care about and you do it with some passion – you’re not going to be boring. But, maybe you’ve been given something at the last minute to throw in or you’re talking about something technical and you notice that the audience is not with you. I mean, they’re looking at their cell phones, they’re gazing out the window, some of them are asleep.

Well, that’s a real signal! And you can do something about it. You can raise your voice. You can move around on stage. You can go into the audience. You can stand by someone who’s using their cell phone. You can do whatever you want to do to try to break that lethargy and get them back. Maybe you’ll ask a question, maybe you’ll give them a break.

Maybe you’ll… whatever you need to do to bring them back – if they’re bored – do it. Don’t let that continue. And maybe you’ll just have to have a lot more energy in the rest of your presentation or maybe you’ll have to have more interactive moments – but you are in charge.

You are in charge, and you can stop that boring moment and turn it into a moment that brings the class and back to you.