Keynote Presentation by Jim Comer:

The Message Is You!

In this interactive presentation, attendees learn to share their individuality to connect with audiences, employees and customers. 

An Authority On Speaking & Presentation Skills

Overcoming Fear
"You can't be full of fear when you're trying to help somebody."

"I believe anybody can be a good communicator."

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The Message Is YOU!

This lively, interactive keynote helps audiences learn how to be more confident when facing “the number one fear of most Americans” – speaking in public!

Jim Comer has given this informative, entertaining presentation to audiences in 25 states and three countries. He provides practical techniques to help people understand that using their individuality – not hiding it – is the secret weapon of all good speakers. Jim demonstrates the power of using our “natural resources” to connect with audience: eye contact, enthusiasm, body language and pauses.

Audiences learn to:

  • Make a few points well, not many points badly
  • Drive home their message by using stories and real-life experiences
  • Turn potential “disasters: into moments or laughter and spontaneity

The highlight of the talk comes when the audience shares a story from their own life with a partner – all at the same time – and the room explodes with life, laughter and authentic communication. Jim delivers not just a powerful speech, but a transformative experience.

Most Effective Hour of Our Year
“Jim gave us the by far the single most effective hour of our year, inspiring us to make our message and approach more powerful.”

Tom Mossman

Director, More Effective You

I was very fearful coming here…

“I have to say – taking down the notes, and taking [Jim's] tips, and at the end, the 1-on-1 that we were able to do with our partners helped me… I had a fabulous time!”

— Alexandra Barry
Kelly Services

A Great Opportunity for Our Employees
“I heard Jim speak at a training seminar for one hour, but I could have stayed all day listening to him. He’s so humorous that he kept us entertained and engaged without using slides or props. Having him speak at our company is a great opportunity for our employees.”

Eileen Rosado

Manager, EDS

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