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What would it be worth for your team to be confident, effective communicators?

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Are Your Employees Poor Presenters, Lacking Confidence?

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Can Speakers Improve Dramatically In Just One Day?

“I have seen Jim Comer transform the driest of individuals into powerful speakers.”

— Caroline Bliss-Isberg
Former Executive Director, Cabrillo College Stroke Center

You walk out with more confidence

“You can be criticized by Jim for your speech… but you come away feeling good about it. And I think that's what makes him great – you walk out with more confidence.”

— Sandy Morris
Technical Lobbyist

The perfect instructor

“Jim's experience and background have uniquely prepared him to be the perfect instructor for this type of training. His class was entertaining and fun for all those that participated.”

— Ron Modesty
Sr. Employer Coordinator, Capital IDEA

Empowers you to improve

“In the space of two nights in Jim's workshop, I improved my speaking skills and delivery such that I can stand in front of a room and command it with confidence.”

— Rob Lee
Communication Consultant

Presentation Skills Workshop

Immersive & Interactive Training

Master the

5 Presentation Skills
of Confident Speakers

  • For groups of 5 to 12.
  • Available for full day, two half-days, or two-day workshops
  • Feedback is positive and supportive, yet candid and challenging. Change happens fast.
  • All exercises are videotaped and participants receive their own video to keep.

See measurable results in mere hours… Really!

This is not a boring lecture about presentation theory — it is an "oh wow… we're actually doing this," immersive experience for each participant.

Workshop attendees learn these 5 essential skills:

Captivate The Crowd

Master the tools of engagement.

Make An Impact

Create lightbulb moments for the crowd.

Be Unflappable

Easily handle the unexpected without skipping a beat.

Tell Stories

Draw them in.

Facts tell. Stories Sell.

Nail it

Conquer fear, control nervous energy, and speak confidently.

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